For Patients

Our practice is currently open and accepting new patients.  Wait time for appointments is currently very short.  We can schedule an initial assessment as soon as we receive the necessary medical records in our office.  You must be referred to us by your primary care provider (PCP) or whichever other provider (surgeon, physiatrist, etc.) is currently handling your pain management.  If you are struggling with chronic pain issues, most providers are very happy to fax us a consultation request along with copies of your records.

Call our office at 425-678-8534 to get the scheduling process started.  Records should be faxed to 425-678-8564.

Below is a list of the documentation that we need before we can schedule you.  The sooner you can get this information to us the sooner you can be seen.  We always tell patients that when dealing with clinics and hospitals for copies of medical records: "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."  Simply put, if you are polite but persistent with daily calls to the facility in question, they will get you what you need quickly so you will stop calling them!

These documents need to be faxed, mailed, or hand-delivered to our office before we can schedule you:

1.  Referral request from your PCP or current pain management provider.
2.  Copies of the last few months of medical records from your current pain management provider.  We don't need years worth of records.  What is most important is that we have a complete, accurate, and current medication list with dates and amounts prescribed.
3.  Copies of reports from any diagnostic imaging or testing that has been done to diagnose the pain problem (MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, ultrasound, electromyograms, nerve conduction studies, discograms, etc.)  We do not need the actual images.  The reports of findings from the inerpreting doctor work best for us.
4.  Copies of procedure reports or medical records from any surgeries or other procedures or injections that have been performed for the pain issue.
5.  Complete insurance information (if you have insurance), including insurance company name, group number, subscriber ID number, subscriber name, and copay information.  Patient's without medical insurance or with medical insurance that we do not accept can still be seen here.  We charge a discounted cash pay rate for patients in this situation which must be paid at the time of service.
6.  Some insurance compaines require a referral from your PCP to authorize benefits.  It is your responsibitity to obtain this authorization if you want your insurance company to pay benefits for your care here.

List of Our Currently Contracted Insurance Providers.  If you belong to an HMO or PPO that doesn't have a pain doctor, you can usually get authorization from them to receive out-of-network benefits when seeing us.

Patient Documents

Patient Registration and Information Form.  This is the form we use for patient contact and insurance information.

Privacy Policies. 

Opioid Treatment Agreement.  This is the agreement that all patients who wish to take opioids for their pain management must read, understand, agree to, and sign.  I tell patients that this is three pages of life-saving information, essential for the safe use of opioids for pain management.  It also contains all of the rules and regulations that we (providers and patients) are subject to when we use opioids for pain management.

SOAPP-R.  This is a short questionaire that we use during our initial assessment.  It stands for: The Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients with Pain-Revised.  It helps us determine each patient's individual safety or risk catagory if the use of opioids for pain management is being considered.