For Providers

We are happy to assume the ongoing pain management of any patient referred for consultation or, if you prefer, we can do a periodic consultation to review the care of any patient you prefer to manage yourself. Please let us know in your consultation request or after reviewing our consultation report which way you would like to proceed.

Our primary focus is medication management of chronic pain assisted by interventional pain procedures when indicated. We also specialize in working with surgical patients to help them and their surgeons in managing pre-op and post-op pain conditions. If the patient needs any pain procedures that we don’t perform, we are happy to handle the referrals to our interventional colleagues for these procedures.

We frequently utilize opioids for pain management when safe and appropriate and desired by the patient but please realize that not all patients are appropriate candidates for ongoing, long term opioid pain management even if that is what they want. Some of these patients will be appropriate for and offered buprenorphine (the active ingredient in Suboxone) treatment for their pain. We are using this medication more and more often because of its inherent safety advantages over classic opioids.

Our clinic prefers to manage chronic pain whenever possible without the use of chronic daily opioid medication in compliance with all the latest government “recommendations” on this matter. We are very experienced with the use of over eighty different non-opioid analgesics available in this country. We are also very successful at getting motivated patients entirely off of all opioids by utilizing very slow tapers in conjunction with extensive counselling, ancillary pain management techniques, and non-opioid analgesics if needed.

We are also certified Suboxone providers for the treatment of opioid addiction.

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